Hurst Class Catalog: GEOL 101: Dynamic Earth

Isabella Lee, Staff writer

As all Mercyhurst students know, one of the requirements for REACH is a science with a lab. One can take various sciences to fulfill this requirement,
ranging from Biology to Chemistry to Physics and much more. Another option that is available is Geology, with one of the sciences with a lab being offered this
semester being Dynamic Earth. Scott McKenzie, Assistant Professor of Geology, teaches this course. For those that are interested in pursuing a degree in Geology or are interested in learning more about rocks and what forms the Earth, this is a great class to take. “The significance of the rocks and minerals that
form the earth; the plate tectonic processes that have built the continents and ocean basins; and the forces that shape them into their characteristic
landscapes in the process of their creation and destruction” are what is taught in this class, according to the syllabus. “The basic understanding of earth processes for environmental reasoning and/or archaeological studies is emphasized.” This is a great course to take if you want to delve deep into a topic that is commonly not discussed. “Dynamic Earth deals with the science of the Earth including its structure, materials, and the processes acting upon them,” says the syllabus. “This is a very broad topic, so, by necessity, this is a survey course. Topics we will cover include the Earth’s origin, meteorites and space, Earth’s
internal structure, plate tectonics, minerals, gems, rock types and their origins, the rock cycle, glaciers, groundwater, geologic resources, mountain building, geologic time and life, and earthquakes. Much of the science of geology is directly relevant to our lives. Consequently, in this class, you will learn fundamental concepts used by geologists to understand how the Earth operates. You will then use those skills to comprehend how geology impacts the world in which we as a society live.” Dynamic Earth is open to everyone and is a required course for the Geology major. However, as this class will not be offered in the future, there
are still a variety of Geology classes that one can take to fulfill their science with a lab REACH credit. Geology classes offered in the Fall 2023 semester
include Megafauna (offered in the first mini), Geomorphology and Energy and Environmental Justice. Be sure to keep an eye out for them if you are interested in fulfilling your science with a lab soon.