Dausey named fellow in American College of Epidemiology

Public health has recently become a topic of interest at Mercyhurst College, when Professor of Public Health David Dausey, Ph.D., began the development of the Mercyhurst Institute for Public Health in the fall of 2011.

“The Institute is a place where students and faculty can carry out cutting edge public health research in a multidisciplinary setting,” Dausey said.

Because of his efforts to initiate a public health program at Mercyhurst and a diverse range of study from bio-terrorism to disease surveillance, he was named a fellow in the American College of Epidemiology.

Sarah Hlusko photo: Professor of Public Health David Dausey, Ph.D., was recently named a fellow in the American College of Epidemiology.Sarah Hlusko photo: Professor of Public Health David Dausey, Ph.D., was recently named a fellow in the American College of Epidemiology.

“Epidemiology is a fascinating field that provides you with tools to study complex phenomenon and make informed decisions,” Dausey said.

Although he has a doctorate in epidemiology, he has not always been studying this field.

Dausey received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mercyhurst. He went on to obtain his master’s degree and doctorate in epidemiology and public health from Yale University.

He has also received post-graduate training in academic leadership and administration at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

“I became initially interested in epidemiology because of its strong base in science and because of its practical focus on helping to keep people safe and healthy. Epidemiology also let me pursue a diverse range of interests from bio-terrorism to disease surveillance,” he said.

As an alumnus of Mercyhurst, Dausey was drawn back to the college because of the “wonderful experience” he had here during his undergraduate career.

“I had professors and mentors who helped me discover my passions and gifts. I’ve always wanted to return the favor and be that special person for someone else.

“We have a wonderful opportunity as professors to be influential in helping our students at a critical point in their lives. I feel privileged to have that opportunity and to be part of their lives and their education,” Dausey said.
Dausey was very flattered by this honor given to him by the American College of Epidemiology.

“Becoming an ACE Fellow is a wonderful professional accomplishment. I am honored to be recognized by my peers in this way. I see it as a milestone in my career that allows me to reflect back on where I’ve been and think anew about where I’m going,” Dausey said.

Dausey is planning collaborations both domestically and internationally with the Public Health Institute at Mercyhurst. He will work with the Erie County Department of Health, the Erie Community Foundation and others to “conduct public health research in the Erie area.”

He is also planning international work with Teleton, the American Wheelchair Mission and others to “conduct public health research related to people with disabilities around the world.”

For more information on the public health program at Mercyhurst, go here.