Hurst Hot Take: Selena Gomez documentary ‘My Mind & Me

Francesca Divincenzo, A&E editor

When people hear the name Selena Gomez many things may come to mind such as Alex Russo, Justin Bieber’s ex and finally Mabel from “Only Murders in the Building.”However, Gomez’s documentary is much more than what she has done.Her documentary “My Mind And Me” goes in depth about her anxiety, her lupus condition,her psychotic break and her mental health. Gomez was seven years old when she got her first acting role on the kids TV show “Barney” and her career just went up from there from starring on the hit Disney Channel show “Wizards Of Waverly Place” to being one of today’s most highly rated singers. But no one said that would be easy although fame is great she struggled a lot. “I started working when I was seven and I never stopped,” Gomez said in the documentary.I found that to be very powerful because I am not obsessed with Gomez, but she is always working on something whether it is a TV show or album she is always working. Everyone needs a break and she needs a break. During the documentary it discussed how when Gomez was on her revival tour she only made it through 55 shows but had to end her tour early because she had a mental breakdown and got admitted into a mental rehab facility where she was diagnosed with being bipolar.One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the documentary was when she returned home from the mental hospital with
her eyes filled with tears. She recounted how she feels bad for yelling at her mom and step dad even though she had no idea why she yelled at them. It was
just really heartbreaking. It is one beast to have to deal with being bipolar and depressed, but it is another to have your life displayed all over magazines and
new stations.I like the documentary because it makes you realize that being a celebrity is not all red carpets and award shows. The role can take a toll on
the person’s health. Sometimes people forget that celebrities are humans too but their life is not private. They can not go to the hospital when they need to
without the media finding out.One of the other parts of the documentary that was interesting was when Gomez had a break down after being offered
the idea of doing a song with Justin Bieber. “Why am I not good enough,” she said.I think I can relate a bit to Gomez because sometimes it feels like my work is not good enough on its own or me in general.It was very rough at first watching this documentary because it is like watching your childhood hero fall apart in front of you.I have watched her for years on Disney Channel and seeing her break down was very eye opening that is why I think everyone should watch this documentary because it shows that celebrities are humans too