Hurst Softball looking ahead to PSAC matches


Christina Judy, Staff writer

After a long series of away games that began the Mercyhurst Softball team’s 2023 season, the Lakers finally got to compete in back-to-back games on their home field. On March 16th, the Lakers took on Notre Dame College (of Ohio) where they split for the day by taking a loss and notching a win. Their near win in the first game resulted in 7-8 but they followed up will a 10-2 domination to finish the day off strong.
In the first game against the Falcons, the Lakers started off with a bang as Pennsylvania native Cheyenne Hindman hit a double in the first inning to give her team a 2-0 lead. Notre Dame answered in the second inning, earning one point to keep them close with the Lakers. Mercyhurst sought to create more breathing room in the score following this sign of competition.
As a result, senior Allison Dejidas stepped up to the plate with energy and passion fueling her performance. She struck the ball and watched it fly too far out of reach to award her a home run and allow the Lakers a two-run lead. This was her third home run of the season but she felt that there was more home runs in her. She did not make her team wait long as in the fourth inning she elevated her stats with another home run! This play created a three-run opportunity to advance the score to 6-2.
The Falcons caught some fire under their feet and were able to pull off six unanswered runs in the following two innings. Within the sixth frame along, the Falcons had a two-out two-run single and four runs to give their team an 8-6 lead. Marisa Cartellone allowed Mercyhurst to score in the bottom of the seventh to bring the score up slightly. Unfortunately, they ended up falling to the Falcons with a final score of 8-7.
Game two followed with that same Laker energy as they opened the game with a Hindman double to make the score 1-0. Again, in the third inning, Hindman had a single to increase the score to 2-0 while her teammate, Dejidas, had a single enriching the score to 4-0.
Sophomore Eliza Reynolds shined in the fourth inning with a two-RBI single to help gain momentum for the Lakers. The Falcons displayed some effort in the top of the fifth scoring two points, but that was all they were able to do for the remainder of the game.
Hindman caused their dreams to come to a halt with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the fifth. The game ended with a 10-2 Laker victory for the first time on their own turf for their 2023 season.
Another noteworthy name in these competitions is pitcher Morgan Hilty who pitched a complete game in the second game and secured four strikeouts. The Lakers future outlook includes the start of their PSAC conference competition when they hit the road next, starting at the end of March.