Effortless ways to help save the Earth in college

Megan McKay

Some of the easiest ways for college students to help the environment is first by reducing single-use plastic waste.

Students can specifically reduce plastic waste by opting for reusable cups and utensils. Dining halls
are also a great place for college students to become more aware of how they are affecting their environment.

How much food you waste has a significant impact as well as the plates and cups you use that must be washed.

Another way students can help the environment is to change how they get around. Ditching cars saves a lot of money and reduces carbon emissions. We are lucky to have such an accessible campus that requires less use of cars as people can walk everywhere on campus within 10 minutes.

Other areas that have had incredibly positive impacts on the environment have prospered thanks to recent trends.

Specifically, trends like the use of metal straws, reusable mugs and even thrifting. Secondhand shopping like thrifting has become a new fad for college students

to promote vintage looks while helping continue to reduce costs and emissions.

Buying used clothes is not just a good option, but selling them is too. Selling your stuff is a much better way to help the environment, plus you can earn a little money or donate clothes and earn tax write offs.

Recycling is another way to contribute so that objects are being disposed of properly. Students are also making the switch to online note taking which is a good sign that papers are no longer being wasted.

If students do opt to use paper for school, then it is important that they recycle it when they are finished.

College students can also practice more efficient ways to protect the environment like washing their clothes with cold water, or even just taking a shorter shower, turning off the tap and doing full loads of laundry, these will all save fresh water.

Water is a scarce resource in many third world countries which means saving it protects the planet. Food is another resource we should not take for granted and can do that by eating less meat. Students do not necessarily need to become vegan, but reducing intake helps as it uses up tons of greenhouse gases when preparing meat.

Turning off the lights is another effortless way to practice good environmental habits. Even when just leaving your dorm room for a minute, turning them off or using LED light bulbs, which are more energy efficient will help the environment.

It is important students do not disregard tips presented by initiatives around campus. For example, any time students are away from their dorm it is crucial they unplug appliances because they still use up power even when they are not on.
Students can also help the Earth in a way beyond personally changing their habits. College has a unique atmosphere and there are lots of ways to bring such a united community together. We can all promote a cleaner campus by keeping friends and classmates accountable along with faculty. Sustainability is a part of the Mercy Mission and continues to play a huge role in helping the Mercyhurst community.

Some of the initiatives include LED upgrades, a pollinator garden, and other recycling efforts.