Fashion students walk in Mutt Gala

Eva Mihelich, News editor

Fashion Merchandising students are walking down the pink carpet, but not to flaunt themselves, but rather adoptable dogs. In an event called the Mutt Gala, the Erie Humane Society hosts a fundraiser that shows off their adoptable dogs.

This is a great way for students in the Fashion Merchandising program to practice the skills they have learned in their classes, such as event planning and fundraising.

This event benefits both the students and the dogs. This is an opportunity for dogs to get adopted by people attending the event.

The Erie Humane Society is a valued part of the community and has been helping to house animals for 130 years. They are a very strict no-kill shelter and pride themselves in helping to assist animals with life-saving medical care. They are compassionate in their work and try to help as many animals get the help they need, and then eventually find a loving home.

Because they are a no-kill shelter, they rely solely on grants and donations to operate. They also utilize fundraising events to provide financial support, which is why events like the Mutt Gala exist.

The gala requires a pre-purchased ticket to reserve your spot. The event includes a sit-down dinner, drinks, music, the doggie fashion show and dancing. The Erie Humane Society’s website states the excitement surrounding the event. The website states, “We are all bold and beautiful, and the Erie Humane Society’s pets are ready to strut their stuff on the catwalk in support of EHS’s second annual Mutt Gala.”

The students participating in the Mutt Gala will have a few responsibilities: writing commentary, selecting music, chronicling via social media, and fundraising. This is one of the many chances Fashion Merchandising students get to practice their skills they have learned in real-life events.

Last year’s Mutt Gala had 300 attendees, and they are hoping to surpass that number this year with the goal of 400 attendees. They are reaching that goal with tickets nearly selling out currently.

The Mutt Gala will be hosted at the Bayfront Convention Center on Saturday, April 30. Support for this event is vital for the success of the Erie Humane Society.

The money raised during this Mutt Gala will go towards the EHS Outpatient Medical Fund. The website says, “For many, emergency medical care is crucial for their survival and is a true testament of our dedication to rehabilitation. EHS strives to be an effective and innovative leader that works to strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the lives of companion animals, as well as the people who care for them.”

Mercyhurst prides itself on getting students involved in the community, and the Mutt Gala is just one example of that. Students will be involved in a meaningful evening, while also practicing things they have learned about in the classroom.