Winter fashion made easy

What’s the secret to looking cool while keeping cozy?

As students at Mercyhurst College, we all know how difficult it is to stay warm and look stylish in Erie’s winters, so here are some tips to help you get through the winter and still be fashionable.

The “must haves” this winter season are fairly classic items that you can use for many winters to come.

First off, you must kick off your winter wardrobe with cute hats, matching scarves and gloves.

With snow piling up around campus, a closet necessity is a good pair of waterproof snow boots. I recommend a sturdy, calf-height pair of boots. You can find a great selection of boots in brands like Sorel, Ugg and Timberland.

In addition to a durable pair of boots, you should have a knee-high leather or suede pair for dressing up.

North Face, Eddie Bauer, Dick’s and Burton provide a wide variety of winter coats to choose from that are both fashionable and warm.

The key to looking stylish and staying warm during winter is layers.

Wearing a camisole under your shirt is a good tip for women. For men, layer by wearing T-shirts under your sweaters, henleys and dress shirts.

Who said women can’t wear skirts and dresses in the winter? But, combine this outfit with a pair of tights or leggings to keep your legs from frostbite.

I know it may seem nearly impossible to look cute and stay warm during the wintertime, but it is possible.

Make sure you have the basics, and then you can add your personal style to your outfit.

Like Tim Gunn from Project Runway says, “Make it work.”

You can be trendy while staying warm.