SpringFest was a glowing success

Mackenzie Zent, Opinion editor

SpringFest? More like SlayFest.

I have to admit I was not that hyped for SpringFest when I woke up on Friday morning. The weather was dreary and rainy, and the vibes were not how they were last year.

I went to Grotto for lunch and to my surprise they had some good food and fun games to play. They had soft pretzels, fried pickles, funnel fries and frosted cookies, that, in my opinion were one of the best desserts they have had all year. I really hope they bring these back because I feel like they were super underrated.

While students tried some carnival themed foods, they also had a jumbo Plinko game where you won a prize depending on where the chip fell. I won a Pepsi shirt, and I was pretty happy about that because although I am not a huge fan of Pepsi, I love free shirts and I will definitely be using it as a new pajama shirt. One of my friends won a Celsius energy drink and my other friend won some Gatorade stickers. I thought this was a cool thing they set up for us, especially since it was a winner every time game, it made sure everyone got to have a chance at getting a prize.

I walked into the MAC at a little past 7pm and as I handed my ticket to the ticket tacker, the security man asked me if I had anything in my pockets, and he asked to see my keys to make sure I did not have pepper spray on them. Lucky for me, I remembered to take my pepper spray off my keys because last year they confiscated it from me,andIhadtobuyanew one. I thought it was a bit more reasonable to be concerned about that this year since it was inside, because last year it was in the Warde parking lot and I thought for them to take it from me was ridiculous because I had walked through the Warde parking lot many times before with it on my keys.

Anyway, once I got inside the lights were off and I saw people giving out tons of glow in the dark items. There were finger lights, glow sticks, light up bracelets, glow glasses and glowing foam sticks to wave around. I really got a kick out of this because I love things that glow in the dark.

Once the DJ came on everyone got super excited and it was fun to hang out and see everyone having a good time. DJ Cashera was a great choice to bring back again, I think everyone really liked her. A little after 8pm Alec Benjamin finally came on let me tell you, he certainly did not let anyone down slowly, his performance was fabulous. He was very interactive with the crowd,

almost too interactive I would argue because he kept talking throughout his songs. Even though his songs were all a bit sad he gave a nice performance and I liked that he was asking us questions, he seemed like he was enjoying himself.

I think SpringFest was a blast this year and I am glad I decided to go.