Respect due regardless of party

Although I would consider myself a liberal, I am not excited about the Obama 2012 campaign. While I support the president, his moderate stances and lack of vigor in the last four years have left me slightly disappointed.

That being said, I still find the behavior of Gov. Jan Brewer on an Arizona tarmac last week to be despicable.
The now iconic image of her angrily pointing a finger in the face of the president has been quickly picked up by the press; regardless of the issue at hand, her actions were out of line when greeting the leader of the free world.

However disrespectful Brewer’s actions were, she has received less criticism than others. For example, in 2003 the Dixie Chicks were crucified for their critical comments about George W. Bush during a concert. Lead singer Natalie Maines was ridiculed, criticized and received death threats for her negative comments about the president.

Regardless of party affiliation, respect is due to the president of the United States. I am not advocating for censorship, as those voicing criticism of our leaders deserve to be taken seriously. Yet we seem to criticize critical citizens like Natalie Maines and find ways to justify the obnoxious behavior of characters like Jan Brewer.

I may not be Obama’s biggest fan, but I still feel respect is due to the president, regardless of party.