VP candidate says ‘Nothing’s Too Big’ for MSG in 2012-13 year

Wednesday, March 21, marks the first day of voting for the Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) executive board, and I am sure that by the end of this week you all will have had your fill of our campaign nonsense, if you have not already. We have badgered you, bugged you and have done anything in our power to persuade you to vote.

But now, I want to urge you on to make a conscious vote this election. I am urging all students to make this an election that counts. I am asking that this time around, all students keep in mind that nothing is too big to accomplish and this is your chance to create change.

“Nothing’s Too Big” is the campaign slogan for Jeremy Dickey and Joe Reinhard, candidates for MSG president and vice president. With this, we want to convey to the students that the era of being told no, that’s not possible, is over. We want to have a presidency that is marked by tangible results.

Why is it impossible to think a recreation center with working equipment, an indoor track and even a pool is possible? Why is housing that is clean, modern and connected to adequate wireless Internet unthinkable? The fact is, Dickey and I believe that all of this and more is possible.

It is not enough to simply think big. If we expect these changes, we all need to act. We’re a university now, and it is time our campus reflected that. Now, we need you to tell your friends that nothing’s too big, we need you to tell us what your big idea is but most importantly, we need you to vote. I personally promise it will not be a waste of your time — and I am not one to make promises lightly.

As your vice president, it will be my goal that when someone asks what MSG does, students will answer, probably in a less PG way, “They get stuff done.” This is a platform that Dickey and I have been attacked for. We have been called unrealistic and accused of thinking too big. But “Nothing’s Too Big” does not mean anything is too small.

While we continue to work toward a better future for Mercyhurst, we will also assure a better now. Making sure WiFi works everywhere, equipment works in the Rec while we plan a new one and more parking while our campus continues to expand are all on our list as soon as we are elected.

By the end of this week, most of you will have tuned us all out and will continue going about enjoying the warm weather and trying to finish out the term. And I hope you all do; time here is too short to waste listening to us any longer than necessary.

Wednesday, though, take a moment to visit the Jeremy Dickey and Joe Reinhard Campaign Facebook page, look at what we want to accomplish and decide if we are worth your vote on Wednesday, March 21.

I believe that once you realize “Nothing’s Too Big” and that we can accomplish these things, you will accept nothing less than Jeremy Dickey and Joe Reinhard as your president and vice president.