Student voices support for Molloy-Lombardo MSG campaign

With graduation less than sixty days away, the last thing on many seniors’ minds is who the next MSG presidential and vice presidential candidates should be. However, after four years at the Hurst, I have seen many successful strategies and ideas. This year is no different, with two candidates, Richard Molloy and Brian Lombardo, not only looking successful, but have done something that I don’t think any other candidate combo on the table is offering; strong student involvement and results-oriented initiatives.

You’re reading this thinking, what makes these guys so different? Why should I take the time to set time aside to vote this Wednesday and Thursday night? Let me refute those questions with another; when is the last time you had an idea for change, actually went to your senator, and saw that idea actually happen? I can honestly say I haven’t done that since maybe freshman year. But with the Molloy-Lombardo campaign, their framework is built upon the foundation of cooperation and more communication between senators and their constituents. Essentially, MSG is YOUR voice.

Therefore by increasing the relationship between MSG and the student body, actual and realistic changes like potentially using available funds in the MSG budget to investigate possible means for updating the REC are an ACTUAL possibility. Not just some idea thrown for campaign measures to rake in votes.
Another key initiative the Molloy-Lombardo campaign is pushing for is to foster and create an increased sense of Laker pride.

Yes we have a Laker Spirit Club. Yes we have an UNOFFICIAL Laker Spirit Club. But when is the last time you willingly threw on the face paint, cut up a (now vintage) Mercyhurst College tee, and acted a fool at an athletic game?! Exactly. The Molloy-Lombardo campaign has realistic and original ideas like lobbying for alcohol-permitted tailgates at selected athletic events and holding pep rallies throughout the year. In addition to sports, the Molloy-Lombardo campaign is also pushing for green initiatives and campus improvement projects such as establishing an MSG-sponsored textbook exchange system with the bookstore and repairing all Emergency Blue-Light Systems to improve student safety.

I firmly believe that the entire student body should take a good hard look at all the candidates running, and after comparing initiatives, will see that Richard Molloy for MSG president and Brian Lombardo for MSG vice president are the stronger, original, and better qualified candidates running. After all, MSG is supposed to be your voice. So why not choose the candidates that not only want to hear what you’re saying, but will advocate on your behalf to implement changes you see fit to better the Mercyhurst community? As always, stay classy Lakers and Carpe Diem. Go Richard and Brian!