Liturgical Dance presented for Palm Sunday

Four members of the Liturgical Dance Ensemble performed in Palm Sunday Mass. The piece appropriately was after the presentation of the gifts, which acted as a visual presentation of the dancer’s gifts and talents to God.

The music was a choral piece with violin and piano accompaniment. The lyrics were meaningful and fit the Palm Sunday theme of welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem. The piece started with one girl coming down the center aisle of the sanctuary, followed by three other girls coming down the outside isles.

Freshmen Kathryn Tokar, Megan Lawrence and Mary Katherine Kersey along with senior Kayla Clark were the featured dancers of this piece.

The dancing was filled with surging and solemn choreography to fit the mood of the church service. It was a nice change from the usual music and customs of a normal Mass because the dance added a visual sort of meditation for those in church.

When asked about the Liturgical Dance Ensemble’s performance, junior Tess Sinke, who choreographed the piece, said, “It brought another dimension to the service and allowed for those attending to connect and reflect in another way.”

Sinke, who is used to choreographing for performances, said creating a piece for Mass was different and more difficult for her.

“The thought behind it affects the process of creating,” she said. “Certain themes influence the steps. It made me want to make sure the steps flow together more so it looks more angelic in a way.”

The solemn and serious dancing enhanced the music and made the Palm Sunday message of welcoming Jesus yet knowing he was about to die clearer to the viewer.