'Almost, Maine' proves a success despite audience size

Love can take many forms. There are many different stages of love, and sometimes one can fall in and out. Last weekend, the Mercyhurst Theatre Program presented a group of beautiful and funny vignettes about love. The short scenes depicted new love, reconciled love and love lost.

“Almost, Maine” is a play by John Cariani, which touches on the different faces of love through nine short scenes. The action all takes place in the fictional town of Almost, Maine.

Students made up the cast of the vignettes, with each actor playing multiple roles. The students involved are some of the most active in the Theatre Program. Though students each played more than one part, it was clear that each character was very different.

The actors played each scene extremely well and made sure that the audience was aware of the personalities of each character. The veteran actors involved were grad student Chris Cummings, sophomore Mat Anderson, junior Marie Glaser, junior Katie Cecchetti and senior Nikki Zeak.

Despite the talent of the actors on stage, as well as the caliber of the production in general, audiences were lacking for all three performances. This is a relatively new show, having only premiered in 2004. The show may have been underappreciated due to the name unfamiliar name, as many other campus performances are.

Regardless of the size of audience in attendance, “Almost, Maine” was spectacular. The students portrayed honest, full characters, which left those who were there laughing and crying.