The Ashram Retreat

Mercyhurst students will be joining Campus Ministry on a trip to Clarion, Pa., for the annual Ashram retreat, May 12-13.

This retreat is designed to “introduce any student interested to diverse ways of slowing down and withdrawing in a healthy way from the everyday stresses of life,” said Betty Amatangelo, retreat coordinator.

The retreat will be filled to the brim with events, beginning with a prayer and light breakfast before setting off on the electronic-free bus ride to Clarion. At the retreat, students will participate in yoga, spring weeding, a walking meditation and “story-telling” session before they come back to campus around noon the next afternoon.

Yoga instructor, yoga therapist and daughter of the Ashram’s founder Leela Mata, Darshanie Radha Sukhu will be present to lead karma yoga. According to Amatangelo, karma yoga is “the yoga of selfless service.”

This will be one of the first activities in the retreat, since a relaxing way to begin.

Anyone who is interested is eligible to join. About 20 students are already signed up, but more spots are still available. Information about signing up can be found on flyers throughout campus, the Campus Ministry Bulletin, the religious studies faculty or by emailing Betty Amatangelo.

“Campus Ministry is open to support the spiritual seeking and guidance of all faith experiences. We are here for the entire campus community. The Ashram Retreat is an example of our openness and commitment to a diverse approach to spiritual development and expression,” Amatangelo said.

This retreat is one that is very close to Amatangelo’s heart. She has put a great deal of time, effort and prayer into the success of this retreat, and it certainly shows.

“About two years ago I was thanking my creator for the gift of believing in unconditional love. Part of that gratitude was a request to be directed to opportunities to reveal this gift to others. Planning the Ashram Retreat is simply one of the many ways that prayer has been answered,” she said.

The Ashram Retreat is one that can leave a person feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed and selfless. It is a chance to get away from the crazy stresses of life and take the time to slow down and find one’s self again.

With the price of $20, students will receive transportation, food and lodging.

If you’re interested in having a relaxing night away from campus, sign up for the Ashram Retreat. For more information, email Amatangelo at