Dualing aspirations for Serbian water polo player

The Mercyhurst men’s water polo team is losing in the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) championships, but the center remains focused and scores six goals for his team.

They lose the match, but the offensive work displayed by the center makes it a memorable game.

Dan Svorcan, a sophomore from Belgrade, Serbia, felt like a hero that day.

Svorcan began swimming at age six. His father felt he could do more than just swim, and began water polo by age seven.

“It’s like a rolled-up carpet, once you start to unwind, the rest is laid out for you,” Svorcan said about his journey to Mercyhurst.

Living in Belgrade, he played for a championship team named Partizan. Svorcan and his teammates won the 2002, 2004 and 2005 Serbian National Cup. After his success in Serbia, he sought a better education in the United States.

“One of my Serbian friends gave me the email of someone, who then gave me the email of our water polo coach,” Svorcan said about how he first came across Mercyhurst University.

Svorcan contacted Curtis Robinette, head men’s water polo coach, and received an academic and athletic scholarship.

“I wanted to come to the U.S. since eighth grade,” Svorcan said.

Now the center for the water polo team, Svorcan couldn’t be happier.

“It’s one of the best atmospheres,” said Svorcan. Coach Robinette “has a perfect balance of being a part of a team, and having authority.”

Svorcan said the coach will ask him for academic updates, and is willing to help.
He says he has never felt so good about being a part of a water polo team.

“I wish we had a pool on campus so more people can actually see us play,” Svorcan said.

Svorcan stands 6 feet tall and has an athletic build. Unless you know him personally, you wouldn’t know that he also plays the bass guitar for the Mercyhurst Jazz Ensemble. Svorcan is an athlete and a double major, concentrating in music, and business.

“Water polo is physical, music is art,” Svorcan said about playing bass guitar.

Svorcan started to play bass at 16 for a high school band, and never thought he would be a highly-educated musician.

“My devotion and passion for music were apparently bigger than I realized,” Svorcan said.

Upon coming to Mercyhurst, Svorcan played classical music on the bass for the first time. The music department at Mercyhurst offered another first for Svorcan: playing the piano.

“I truly believe there is an artist inside everyone, but unfortunately not everyone can find that artist,” Svorcan said.

Svorcan is an athlete, a musician and student. So how does he find time to participate in multiple activities, while also having time for homework?

“Devotion is the key to success. Staying motivated is the most important ingredient,” said Svorcan. “You just have to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what do I want in my life, and how do I get it, once you have your answers, you did half the job.”

“Life is simple, but we are experts at complicating things. Sometimes I wish I had more time to relax, but I know there will be time for relaxation during the summer,” Svorcan said.