'Your Sisters Sister' an emotional roller coaster

Your Sisters Sister: Your Sisters Sister IMBDYour Sisters Sister: IMBD Photo

“Your Sister’s Sister” was shown Friday, September 7 at the Taylor Little Theater as part of the Langer Film Series. In just an our and a half, the film comprised of various emotional levels. At first it was sad, then extremely funny, but the very end took a turn for the awkward.

I would say that most people were drawn to the movie because of ‘big name’ Emily Blunt, who plays Iris. She tells her friend, Jack, to stay at her father’s island house. When he arrives he finds Iris’s sister Hannah. Hannah and Jack proceed to bond over hard times and a bottle of tequila, which never ends well.

I must admit that this scene was one of my favorites as the two have a hilarious, drunken time.

To Hannah and Jack’s surprise, Iris shows up at the house the next morning and the rest of the film surrounds the unfolding of a not-so expected secret. One viewer, Thomas Hall said, “It was a great story about not letting hurdles in life prevent you from being happy.” Throughout the movie, the characters exchange delightfully witty banter, which gives a sense of realism to the movie.

I thought the script was extremely well written because the lines were not forced or fake. I could see myself being friends with Iris and Jack. The characters find humor in real life situations. For example, Hannah makes a batch of vegan pancakes and the other two pretend to enjoy them when in reality they are disgusted by them. Speaking in terms of relationships, the film was able to accurately portray love in various forms. Iris and Hannah’s relationship as sisters made me want to immediately see my sister. You can tell the two are close and even though they make mistakes, they love each other anyways.

Jack and Iris are a hysterical pair.The two feed off each other and make the viewers root for them until the end. Lastly, Hannah and Jack have just met but the two manage to have a comical drunken night, an awkward sexual encounter and an overall uncomfortable story line. Although their time together might not be perfect, it was still enjoyable.
Overall, “My Sister’s Sister” was a good film. I would suggest seeing it when it comes out on DVD, but be prepared.

I don’t want to spoil the plot, so I am just giving a warning: There is a deeper storyline that gets uncomfortable. The jokes are funny and the actors are great, so please don’t let the warning scare you off.