Liturgical Dance Ensemble performs at traditional Mass

Although many changes are under way for Mercyhurst, last Thursday was confirmation that traditional values are still alive and well at our university. The Mass of the Holy Spirit is a tradition that dates back centuries meant to celebrate the start of an academic year.

If you were able to attend the Mass, you had the opportunity to experience the artistic displays of the Liturgical Dance Ensemble and the Mercyhurst Concert Choir.The choir performed a handful of selections throughout the Mass, including “Come, Holy Spirit” which was used as prelude music to set the mood as students, faculty and guests made their way into the Chapel.

The concert choir also had the honor of singing “Ubi Caritas” for the Communion Meditation portion of the Mass. During the choirs’ performance in the middle of the program, “Come, Holy Spirit Come,” the Liturgical Dance Ensemble gave a stunning performance.

The dancers seemed to float down the center of the chapel through the introduction of the piece, and then moved gracefully into place before starting their routine.

Dressed in conservative white costumes with peaceful blue accents, the performers danced with accuracy and precision, but were also elegant and fluid. Within the performance they conveyed traditional religious ideas, hands raised to the Heavens and faced pointed upward, representing the acceptance of God.

The Liturgical Dancers looked as though they were genuinely enjoying themselves, smiles on every face throughout the duration of the performance. All who were in attendance of the Mass seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Spirits are high and looking bright for the start of this brand new year.