Student-produced film reaches out to community

For those who did not see it last year on its first run, Cheering Up Dewie is coming once again to a screen near you.

This comedic endeavor was written by seniors Joe Chiodo and Brady Greenawalt and directed by senior Matt Teleha.

The movie centers on the interactions of three roommates, Troy, Roger and Dewie (played by senior Tim Eibl and producers Greenawalt and Teleha, respectively). According to the film’s website, “Roger and Troy’s way of life is threatened when their roommate/friend/butler, Dewie threatens to move out to live with his girlfriend. Will they be able to prove to him that they are good roommates? Without Dewie who will do the dishes?”

The project was originally conceived last year when the Mercyhurst Communication Department held its annual script writing competition.

Chiodo and Greenawalt won the competition and were awarded $200 and access to the department’s equipment to film their script. They then elicited the help of Teleha, who had worked together with Greenawalt on the LakerTV sitcom, Organic Bananas, the year prior.

“The process of making the movie over two months was stressful at times, but it was a lot of fun and a good experience,” Teleha said. “It’s exciting and I’m really pumped to see it on a legitimate big screen.”

After a full month to write the script and three month production schedule, they finally showed their final cut last year during the spring term in Taylor Little Theatre. They received very positive reviews for the one hundred and fifty people that turned up for the film’s premier.

Their film is coming yet again to the big screen, but this time, it will be showing at The Movies in Meadville, Pa. It will be showing Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m. and tickets will be sold for $5.

While it is no longer a free show like before, it is for a very good cause. All proceeds gathered from this run of Cheering Up Dewie will be donated to the Meadville relay for life team. Ticket sales may already have raised $600 for Relay for Life.

When asked what they thought about their movie getting to show in these venues, Chiodo said, “The fact that anybody is going to see it is really cool. These opportunities to show our movie are exciting to say the least.”

The film’s writers, director and many cast members will also be at the screening for questions and a meet and greet. The movie is not rated, but is appropriate for all ages. There will be additional screening of the movie later this year, including at a future film festival.

For more information go to Cheering Up Dewie.