Fall Ball Successful

We made it three weeks into the school year, that’s enough reason to party right? MSG and SAC thought so.

Fall Ball dance: Salina Bowe photoFall Ball dance: Salina Bowe photo

Friday night was the ever so classy Fall Ball. This is a chance for students to get all dolled up, eat some delicious food and dance all night long. You could say that it was the kickoff event to Spirit Week; Fall Ball is our equivalent to a homecoming dance.

MSG put a lot of thought into making this event a classy and sophisticated night. With a black-and-white color theme, appetizers and desserts catered from Parkhurst and music by DJ Henry GQ, their goal was definitely accomplished.

Parkhurst catered the event with an array of choices to please students’ tastes. The food served at the event included Buffalo chicken dip, hot artichoke dip, an assorted fruit and bruschetta bar, applewood bacon-wrapped chicken, stuffed mushrooms, dessert shooters and chocolate covered strawberries.

Hype was generated for this event from eye-catching posters posted around campus and with a Facebook events page. MSG and SAC utilized Facebook to get the message to students about the event and post where students could buy their tickets. In addition, the site was also a place for students to express their excitement, with one student posting, “So pumped for this!”

Their marketing techniques were deemed successful with 150 tickets sold, which was a great turnout for the event. Admission for each student was $5.
Events Coordinator for MSG, Jenna Dascanio said, “We typically charge for this event to raise some extra money, which generally goes toward the Spring Charity Ball location or Spring Fest.”

The small fee was worth it, though, because the Fall Ball was a huge success, and those who attended had a great time dancing with friends.