OFA not clarifying voter registration requirements

This week I switched my voter registration from Buffalo to Erie, at the urging of Obama for America (OFA) volunteers on campus. Being that this is the first presidential election I am old enough to vote in, I was so excited to cast my vote. My excitement was short-lived when I learned that without a Pennsylvania ID, I would not be able to vote in my new district.
While switching my registration to Erie, I changed my address to the school’s address, which I was told by OFA volunteers was a valid address to use. Since I am originally from Buffalo, N.Y., and as a result of my registration switch, I now have no valid form of identification that says I reside in Erie. Without a valid form of Pennsylvania identification, I will not be able to cast my ballot in November.

I tried to remedy this by obtaining one of the voter ID cards that have been promoted by the OneCard office. I was curtly informed, however, that the cards are only for in-state residents at the college, leaving me even more confused than before.

I am utterly shocked by the complete lack of information provided. The OFA voter registration pushes over the last few weeks gave no information on the ID law.
I’m frustrated by the misinformation, conflicting information and total lack of clarity surrounding this issue. On Nov. 6, this voter may not cast a ballot at all.