Hallway Art exhibits best of Mercyhurst art

Sarah Hlusko Photo: Mercyhurst’s finest artists collaborate to provide an impressive array of works that fill the halls of Zurn and D’Angelo.Sarah Hlusko Photo: Mercyhurst’s finest artists collaborate to provide an impressive array of works that fill the halls of Zurn and D’Angelo.

Students and faculty across Mercyhurst can delight themselves through “hallway art”— exhibitions of class projects along the hallway that connects Zurn Hall and the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Art and photography students can have their work showcased for the public to see without having to wait for bigger exhibitions. While there is no set theme, excellence and beauty are always constant in the pieces, which span the entire hallway leading to the PAC.

For the students whose art is being shown, it is a fantastic opportunity. Sophomore James Conley said, “Art is not made to sit in someone’s closet or be hidden out of sight.”Teachers take note of this, providing students with the motivation to have their work on display in the hallways.

“It’s nice to know that other majors and departments, or whoever walks by, can see or at least get a peek into what we do,” Conley said.

Exhibitions like “Let’s Go to the Races,” a compilation of digital art projects for display on the digital gallery of Presque Isle Downs Casino allow for students to expand their horizons and come up with a variety of colorful works, including original pieces by Jeffrey Thiede and other art students.

Photography also makes a big part of the hallway exhibitions, with stunning pieces, both in black and white and color, taken by the students, spanning a variety of themes and subjects, among which people and nature are favorites.

Students are very pleased with the opportunity to showcase their art. Photography minor Kelsey Elliott said, “I believe that it is good to display student artwork because it shows off the talent of the students and inspires other students, faculty and parents walking the halls to be creative as well.” Although there are no criteria necessary for showcasing these pieces besides creativity, students enjoy the rewarding sensation of having their work exposed to the public.

“It is motivation to work hard because the most creative pieces are presented in the hallways, and who doesn’t want to show off their hard work?” Elliott said. “It’s nice to know that we’re not just doing these projects for our teachers’ eyes, but that other people can see our work as well,” Conley said, whose work is currently in display in Zurn Hall.

New pieces are posted throughout the year and are always open to the public to enjoy, whether they are students walking from one class to the next or anyone with a curious eye.