Student addresses school spirit

Imagine a campus where school spirit is lacking, people complaining about it everywhere with no end in sight. Then Richard Molloy and Brian Lombardo run for Mercyhurst Student Government [MSG], making school spirit a point in their campaign platform, and then once elected, work to light the spark for the 2012-2013 school year with a new spirit initiative.

As newly-elected president and vice-president, Molloy and Lombardo, worked to make changes in the Senate to help bring spirit to campus. As stated in a prior article this year, Lombardo believes that “if we can go to a football game and see the entire student section covered in these green shirts, it will simply show unity within our students.”

The shirts kicked off their Spirit Campaign, as well as the several events MSG coordinated for Homecoming Weekend, all starting with the Spirit Barbeque (with Clash of the Classes).
Some people at the event will have the nerve to say that there was only a small group that showed up, complain some more about the lack of spirit and try to say that MSG needs to do more.

The whole thing is, MSG is not responsible for force-feeding spirit to the campus; they took a common complaint and tried to jump-start the spirit spark that needed to be lit at Mercyhurst.

For this being the “Year of the University” and the first year that MSG released a unified spirit shirt and having a direct “Spirit Initiative,” I’m pretty sure that they have done a phenomenal job trying to bring students together with everything they have planned and put into action. Perhaps there was a relatively small turnout for the “Clash of the Classes” barbeque, but what about the people that did show up?

You know those people who actually believe that we need spirit, the ones that took the opportunity that MSG gave us and had fun with it?

And what about every student who sat in their room, the ones that once voiced their concern with Mercyhurst’s lack of spirit; Where were they?
What about the effort made by the university community to incorporate a spirit band, you know, to make spirit more predominant?

I firmly believe that Molloy and Lombardo, as well as the rest of the MSG executive board and Senate, have done more than enough to propel campus toward a more spirited place.
If Mercyhurst students really wanted to have spirit, they would make the effort to show it.

I think that it was just another excuse for people to complain about how nothing on campus is good enough.

Instead of sitting in your room on Facebook complaining you should appreciate the efforts that MSG and Mercyhurst as a whole, have provided for you to be spirited and excited about our sports teams and whatever other even on campus deserves spirit.

If you do not take advantage of the opportunities that the campus handed to you on a blue and green platter, you have a lot of nerve complaining about the lack of spirit on campus.
As I said before, MSG lit the spark; it is up to everyone else to keep the flame lit.