MTV's Andrew Jenks comes to Mercyhurst

If you didn’t hear Andrew Jenks speak last week you really missed out! If you don’t know who he is, Jenks is an award winning documentary film director with a hit show on MTV – “World of Jenks.” On the show, Jenks goes around the country following people and documenting their lives.

In the last season of “World of Jenks” he follows a homeless girl, a rapper and a boy with autism among other individuals. During Jenks’ presentation here at Mercyhurst, he discussed how filmography inspired his life and career choices. Jenks left NYU at 19 years old to make a film about living in a retirement home.

The film “Room 335” won a film festival award and led to many other film prospects including a documentary called “The Zen of Bobby V.” In “ The Zen of Bobby V.”
Jenks follows baseball coach Bobby Valentine for eight months as he leads the Japanese baseball team to series victory. It was a very inspiring presentation about doing what you love and making certain risks and choices to get what you want.

The new season of “World of Jenks” is coming soon and will have an hour time slot to really dive into the lives of three individuals whom will encompass each episode.