MSG forum discusses good, bad, ugly on campus

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) presented the first of three forums planned for the school year, focused on the theme of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Students were given the opportunity to submit questions and concerns of any nature to the student government, who served as a panel for the forum.

Although the event had a low student turnout, MSG helped answer the questions of those few in attendance, which tackled very important issues, ranging from difficulties with the LakerVapor wireless network to the condition of residential areas.

Kyle Briggs photo: MSG addressed problems on campus at Kyle Briggs photo: MSG addressed problems on campus at “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” forum.

Even though the transition to the 4-1-4 system was brought up, the executive board is preparing a forum during the winter term specifically to discuss the topic, given that there are still details that need to be worked on.

MSG opened the forum for their elected senators to discuss what their committees are doing for the community. Such projects include increasing the students’ school spirit by hosting events, involving the students more in the execution of said events and other projects toward sustainability and improving the residence life experience.

The executive board for the Student Activities Council (SAC) also attended to give updates on what they have planned for the upcoming weeks, as well as take suggestions from the students on what they can do next.

A point that MSG emphasized on is the opportunity forums like these present to the students, as they “need to keep coming forward to the authority to get their voice heard.”

MSG President Richard Molloy said, “Next forum, we are coming to the students instead, for the purpose of mass effect.”

Ideas discussed include moving the forum to Egan Dining Hall, a more crowded scenario.

“We hung posters up, we invited people via Facebook; I’m not sure if it’s apathy from the students or if there are better ways to communicate with them,” Molloy said.

Vice President Brian Lombardo thinks that with the implementation of forums, students would take advantage of the chance to express their concerns.

“The biggest thing is to make sure that the students have exposure, which is why we give them the opportunity to come talk to us about their concerns,” he said.

Students were appreciative of the event, which gave them the chance to be heard.

Sophomore Brendan Mortimer agreed.

“Events like this give us the chance to be heard; it’s great that we have the opportunity to talk to MSG about what changes we want to see in the school,” he said.

“People should take advantage of this, because most just complain about what goes on in school, but don’t tell anyone in power about it,” said Mortimer. “With events like this, they get the chance to say it to the student government instead.”