Dance show is 'Beyond Words' photo photo

Last weekend, Mercyhurst Ballet Theatre and SoMar Dance Works put on a collaborative event that showcased their versatility and ability to create stunning visual art that continually raises the standard expected of the arts at Mercyhurst.

Starting with a preview concert on Friday, the performances lasted throughout the weekend with relatively large crowds each night. The two groups performed all different genres of dance from ballet to modern.

The Mercyhurst Ballet Theatre started the performance with multiple acts of expression from abstract to creative and comical dance works.

A piece that really stood out in regards to the rest was the incredibly creative selection titled “It’s Alive!” The Halloween-esque, spooky feature incorporated dance faculty Mark and Solveig Santillano along with a great number of the Mercyhurst Ballerinas. Solveig played the role of the mad scientist with Mark as her bumbling, stumbling assistant.

The rest of the performers on stage were dressed, very convincingly, like zombies. It was almost shocking how closely the girls resembled the movements of what one would consider a zombie to move like. Overall the performance of the Mercyhurst Ballet Theatre and SoMar Dance Works was one that truly embodied the declared theme for this academic season: “Freedom Season.”