Twerking workout provides exciting exercise at REC

You’ve read the word on some social network, maybe watched a video on YouTube, or just heard someone say it: “twerking” might be one of the year’s sensations.

Although the fever started a few years ago, after a series of videos of a group of girls who named themselves “Twerk Team” were uploaded to YouTube, the dance style has garnered legitimate mainstream attention thanks to rappers including the word — a mixture of “twitch” and “jerk” — in the lyrics to their songs.

Now, freshman Kennethea Wilson instructs a twerking class at the REC Center. The workout is said to help “tighten your abs, tone your legs, and shape your butt,” and takes place on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. at the REC Center.

Student reactions have been positive, praising the originality of the course.

Sophomore Alexis Pringle said, “It’s a fantastic workout. It’s a fun, new alternative to exercising.”

“My sister has been into twerking for awhile and is really good at it. Now that it’s at Mercyhurst I’d like to learn the skill like my sister,” senior Lindsay Ogden said.

The workout is very fast paced and typically features a combination of quick arm and buttocks movements. The class is a first of its kind at the Recreation Center and provides a whole new type of exercise.

Despite knowing little about the new exercise, students are still excited to try something new.

“The new twerk class sounds really interesting. Something I’d really have fun doing and definitely worth a shot. I plan to go next week,” sophomore Lauren Smith said.

Others are not so sure about the class.

“The class seems very odd. The dance movements seem to resemble those of an exotic dancer,” senior Benjamin Snedden said.

Wilson can be contacted for questions at