DeMarco, a musical pioneer of our time photo

Creating a new sound in today’s day can be challenging, especially with so many different genres in existence.

Despite all odds, Vancouver native, Mac DeMarco has managed to find a sound of his own with nothing more then a 30-dollar guitar and a grimy Seattle hat that seems permanently attached to his head.

Although it is not always clear, DeMarco’s sounds in “2” can best be described as a mix of jazz, yacht rock and warm guitar noodling to create an effortless “Slacker Rock” sound.

I first got into DeMarco when his song “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” popped up on my Spotify radio.

At first I didn’t like it. It sounded too different and I really wasn’t feeling it. Eventually I gave it a chance and by the end of the song the guitar and vocals had me hooked. By the end of the song I was already looking for more songs by him.

“Freaking Out the Neighborhood” felt like it could have been written by The Smiths with its jazzy guitar parts mixed with simple and fun lyrics like “sorry, mama there are times I get carried away please/ don’t worry next time I’m home/ I’ll still be the same”

Another track off “2” that really stood out to me was “My Kind of Woman”. This track is one of those non-sappy love songs that still manages to be sweet and would bring a smile to any girls face. DeMarco sings in his slow trance-like voice “really driving me mad/ that’s alright with me/ it’s really no fuss as long as you’re next to me” over layers of warm guitar tone and slow chugging bass.

I hope you check his music out and feel the same about taking the journey with DeMarco through his career.