Students prepare for Senior Week events

With the end of the academic year getting closer, this year’s graduating class is focusing on raising funds for its senior gift, a greenhouse for the school, through a series of events for the school, known as Senior Week.

Besides helping the senior gift committee reach its goal of $15,000, Senior Week “is all about coming together as a class and celebrating the past four years,” senior Rhona Boyle said.

The events, which start on Monday, Feb. 4, with the kick-off party at the Student Union, are opportunities for this year’s seniors to celebrate life in Erie, something the senior committee has achieved by attaining partnerships with various local businesses to make the events possible.

The week goes on Tuesday with Glow Bowling, which senior Abigail Robinson thinks is “always a fun event. Seniors are getting a great price to go bowling.”

Wednesday introduces a new event to Senior Week, which is the Wildcard Wing Tasting. For the price of $2, students receive a “wildcard” which enables them to try eight different wings from various establishments across Erie. South Gate Pizza, Otis 12, Elk Creek Inn, the Gatherings, Dan’s Rt. 8 Boardwalk, Plymouth, The Corner Stone and The Laker Inn have all partnered with the senior committee to provide the various wings for this event.

The Snag a Senior Date Auction, which was a huge success last year, will take place on Thursday, Feb. 7, where 15 seniors will be auctioned for students.

“Various seniors will be auctioned in hopes of raising money for the senior gift. Each person represents a gift card or a prize from a local Erie business,” Robinson said.

The events come to a close on Friday with both a 100 Days dinner at Egan dining hall for the seniors, followed by the 100 Days Party at the Corner Stone Bar & Grill.

The graduating students are sad about graduation approaching, though they are also ready for the next stage in their lives.

Robinson describes her experience about the impending graduation.

“I’m both scared and excited to be moving on from Mercyhurst. I love this place, all the people and the professors, and I’m a basket of emotions,” Robinson said.

Boyle thinks that senior week will have a great turnout, as it has in past years.

“A significant amount of planning has gone into these five days. Our time here is almost through. So if there were ever a time to Carpe Diem, it is now. Also, all proceeds of Senior Week go toward the Greenhouse. I just want to encourage everyone to give what they can to the gift fund, in order to make the Gift of 2013 a success,” Boyle said.