New Facebook page shares compliments

Staff photo: Students create positive buzz on Mercyhurst Compliments page.Staff photo: Students create positive buzz on Mercyhurst Compliments page.

Have you ever wanted to give a compliment but were too nervous or afraid to do so? Well, your problems are solved.

A new Facebook page called “Mercyhurst Compliments” has been set up that will allow students to give compliments to anyone without giving away who the compliment came from.

The page first appeared Wednesday, Jan. 9. The person who started the page, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, first thought of it when some of his or her friends from other colleges and universities started to befriend the compliments page from their respective schools.

The page starter searched and saw that there was no compliments page for Mercyhurst. The person then decided to create the page and modeled it after the compliment pages from other schools.

“I figured there are lots of people who want to say things, but are just too shy to do so,” the starter of Mercyhurst Compliments said. “I mean personally I know I am sometimes.”
The page starter says he or she gets a smile and a good feeling every time someone decides to share a compliment.

The page starter also said that the campus has a fantastic community of people, and hopes that many more people get recognized through this page.

“I hope that this starts to encourage people to appreciate each other more, even if it is through an anonymous compliment,” Mercyhurst Compliments said.

Many groups and various students on campus have already received compliments through the page. Some of the groups that have been complimented are the Resident Assistants, the Merciad staff, the Maintenance crew, the Field Hockey team, Police and Safety and the Men’s Division One ACHA Hockey Team.

Some students on campus have been giving their reactions to the creation of the Compliments page, with most comments towards the page being very positive.

“I believe that the Mercyhurst Compliments page is a refreshing change from society’s persistence to always focus on the negative,” said senior Joe Pudlick. “It is incredible that good deeds can now be recognized and those who participate in such positive behavior can be recognized for the hard work they put in. I give kudos to the founder and manager of the Mercyhurst Compliments page.”

If you would like to send someone an anonymous compliment through the page, you can search Mercyhurst Compliments on Facebook.