Hopes abound for St. Paddy's block party sequel

Whether you’re full-blooded Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday everyone pulls out their green for in celebration.

Last year, Mercyhurst was alive with celebration of high spirits and merry attitude. Those who attended will never forget the good time they had at the Lewis Street block party.

The party was handled well.

Students were respectful of the school and Mercyhurst respected the students by blocking off the road for safety and allowing the party to continue.

Yes, underage drinking did occur and I understand this is illegal. However, behavior such as this occurs at many other colleges around the country without a care.

Many transfer away from Mercyhurst because they did not find it exciting enough or are looking for a bigger party atmosphere.

Activities like the block party fulfill the desires of many students that transfer for these reasons.

Aside from that, the students that do stay the entire four years would then be provided with some memories to last a lifetime.

The party was handled in such a civil way, I think we deserve another chance to recreate the same this year.

Students living in the townhouses even went to the extent of cleaning up any trash discarded afterward.

Last year’s St. Patrick’s Day at Mercyhurst is one of my favorite college memories. It is something I hope to partake in this year as well as hear about occurring for future Lakers to enjoy.

It was a celebration where students came together and had a great time in a respectable fashion.

Although I feel like their is a slim chance of reviving the legendary Lewis block party, I’m wishing on my shamrock otherwise.