New clubs bounce onto campus

Over the past few weeks, three new clubs have become Recognized Student Clubs/Organizations (RSCOs). These new clubs are the Ping Pong Club, Role Playing Game Club and the Mercyhurst Finance Club.

The Ping Pong Club is under the supervision of Curtis Robinette, Mercyhurst’s water polo coach. This club is designed to provide students with a way to learn to play ping pong and a way to socialize as well.

Freshman Ian Tasman founded the Ping Pong Club.

“There have not been any meetings yet, but the club is currently looking for donations,” Tasman said.

“We are in the process of purchasing tables and other equipment,” Tasman said.

Role Playing Game Club (RPGC), under the supervision of faculty member Dr. Marnie Sullivan, is dedicated to giving members a fun social environment where they can take part in role playing games.

According to Sullivan, “Role playing games are those in which players take on the perspective of imaginary characters, usually in a setting created and overseen by a mediator, and vicariously experience the imagined adventures of these characters.”

The Mercyhurst Finance Club is advised by Dr. Juan Argaez. The purpose of this club is not to be another class.

According to its Web Site, the Mercyhurst Finance Club is designed “to help students understand how the many assets of finance work by participating in a mock investment project while also studying how corporations function in the stock market.”

Sarah Allen, assistant director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership Development, explained the process of becoming an RSCO.

“To get approved, an RSCO must submit an application and constitution and follow the guidelines outlined in the packet,” Allen said.

The steps to become an officially recognized club include applying, acquiring an advisor and going through approval of the Mercyhurst Student Government.

For more information about these clubs, contact the club’s advisor or go to organizations.php.

Students interested in starting a new RSCO should visit the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership Development and speak with Sarah Allen or Darcey Kemp.