‘Hurst hosts 5k

On Saturday, April 13, Mercyhurst and Gannon, two rival universities, worked together with Linked By Pink to raise money to help those fighting breast cancer.

The 5K race began at 9 a.m. and featured a Chinese auction, race t-shirts, Pampered Chef, a DJ and a recognition wall where individuals could honor or recognize those who have or had breast cancer.

The race was not only open to the general public, but to Mercyhurst and Gannon faculty and staff, some of whom helped to organize the event.

Students that are in Gannon’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program must complete a community service project in order to graduate.

In 2011, a group of these students decided to work with Linked By Pink for their project. This group also included a Mercyhurst sports medicine alumnus that had participated in 5K races, which gave the group the idea to host this year’s 5K race at Mercyhurst University.

Mercyhurst’s Sports Medicine Student Association, or SSA, also joined in with Gannon to help further the cause. Every year since, four of Gannon’s physical therapy students, at least one a Mercyhurst University alumni, and SSA members team up to organize the annual Linked By Pink 5K race.

Gannon students Kallie Balajthy, Tiffany Messner and Megan Pawlikowski, along with Kris Legters, the head of Gannon’s physical therapy department, were involved in the planning.

Vicky George and Lyudmila Belousov, both Mercyhurst University 2012 sports medicine graduates, and Brad Jacobson, head of the Mercyhurst Sport Medicine Department, along with Tesa Ramsdell, Zach Jacobson, and other SSA members were also involved in organizing the event.

This year, the Linked By Pink 5k Race had nearly 200 participants.

“The race went really well,” Michelle Adams, an organizer of the event and a 2011 Mercyhurst sports medicine graduate, said.

Donations are still being totaled but the current count is over $3,000.