Welcome to the sounds of St. Lucia

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Summer is just around the corner (any place other than Erie that is), and it is time to put away those sweaters and bring out the shorts and wayfarers.

Almost as important as bringing out those summer duds is creating the perfect soundtrack for your summertime listening. Over the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing bands that will help you put together your own customized summer playlist.

The first band, St. Lucia, will give you just what you need for a late night beach party or for just relaxing by the pool.

Jean-Philip Grobler is the genius behind this synth-pop band. Originally from South Africa, Grobler spent his childhood touring with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School.

After some schooling in London, he moved to New York to build a studio and record what would become St. Lucia’s debut album, “St. Lucia.”

The name St. Lucia fits Grobler‘s music perfectly. His tracks are lush, warm and lucid, just like the beautiful Caribbean Islands. If that doesn’t put it into perspective, think of the Lionel Richie track “All Night Long.”

If you don’t believe me, check out the track “Closer Than This.” The warm synths and group vocals feel like you are dancing at a moonlit beach party.

By the end of the song ,you will be belting out “I got a feeling we will never get closer than this.”

Stepping away from the beachy vibe, “Before the Dive” is my favorite track on the album. I don’t know if it is the clangy piano part or the super catchy chorus that made me fall in love with this song, but it will definitely be one of my favorites all summer.

The chorus, “I hope that we will never forget, seeing sinners of the night,” reminds me of adventures in the city. It invokes those underworld feelings that can be both mysterious and dangerous to encounter.

“Got It Wrong,” sounds like it came right out of the ‘80s and I don’t mean it in a bad way.

This song kicks off with an electric drum kit while you hear tribal chanting in the background.

Then it turns into full luau mode with steel drums and dance club synth lines. The whole package is perfectly blended with male and female vocals.

I hope this band speaks to you as much as it did to me and creates the building blocks for a wonderful summer playlist.