EMTA is needed for safety

It was announced Tuesday that the EMTA bus system will be suspended this weekend due to improper behavior by students.

I do agree that their complaints are valid. Some of these complaints include “Throwing alcohol at the driver,” ” Vomiting on the bus” and “Standing in front of and jumping on the front of the EMTA.”

However, we have this convenience to avoid students taking chances by drinking and driving. The lack of public transportation will not prevent students from going down town to have fun and enjoy the bars of State Street. As a result, the cases of drunk driving will greatly increase.

This then puts many sober and drunk at risk on the weekends of car accidents and possibly death.

Why should we let the least common denominator ruin this privilege for others and possibly put many at risk of accidents.

Just because a few students have chosen to exploit the privilege of the bus, does not mean that everyone should suffer.
Instead those that cause the issues should be reprimanded rather than punishing everyone.

The biggest factor here is safely, but I also hate to see privileges taken away just because of the acts of a few people.

It was stated that the shuttle should commence the following weekend, but who is to say that EMTA won’t try to suspend weekends in the future? Or worse indefinitely?

I love that I can enjoy myself downtown every weekend and then get home safely at the end of the evening. I want future Lakers to enjoy the same convenience.