Student unsatisfied with Taylor Theatre film experience

There are many artistic outlets on campus that make me quite proud, and I feel would do our campus justice for the general public to take part in. One event that I recently attended that did not meet this standard of excellence is the recent showing of the James Bond classic, “Dr. No.”

Upon entering Taylor Little Theatre, I was struck by a generally uncomfortable atmosphere.

That sense was only heightened by an awkward exchange at the ticket window— the two men weren’t necessarily ‘rude,’ however, they weren’t the most pleasant to work with.

Arriving five minutes before the film was due to start, I was lucky enough to experience an uncomfortable collection of music that didn’t even have any connection to the film being shown.

A couple behind me seemed to share my opinion, voicing their viewpoint on the music with the phrase “What is this?” Their comments were accompanied by one or two explicative phrases, although, you get the point.

The movie itself was great as far as visual quality is concerned. Taylor Little Theatre, though small, isn’t the most intimate performing space on campus.

There were other points during the showing that myself and the others in the audience had to physically lean toward the screen to try and discern what was being said on screen.

I will have to say that the movie choice is excellent; however, the experience was one that left me desiring more.

There isn’t much that Mercyhurst Institute for Arts and Culture can do at this point until that space is renovated.

In the future, I hope that budget money is focused more toward improving what we have and less toward reflecting pools for a statue.