Article misguided, student responses strongly critical

When an article is written for the opinion section, there are quite a few things that take place before it is published, including checking for grammar and formatting the article into the appropriate space on the news page. In this case, however, I am not only frustrated by the article, but also the rash and unnecessary response from some students.

One thing that does not take place, however, is the decision of whether a writer’s opinion is right or wrong. The opinion section of The Merciad is simply here as a way for the student body’s voice to be heard.

Although this article quite appalling in my eyes, it isn’t right for us to silence a student, no matter how ridiculous his opinion is. As a hyper-local newspaper, it is vital that we keep our minds open to the students, whether or not we agree with the writer.

The article that has caused all this turbulence, written by freshman staff writer Zach Yost, first caught my attention during the first rounds of editing that goes into The Merciad.

I found that I had temporarily stopped checking for errors and that I had worked up a slight sweat.

I will have to preface my next statement by pointing out that I do love our country very much and that is, perhaps, why I became so worked up.

There are many areas in which America is no longer number one.

Our country has its issues, yes, but what country doesn’t?

For a citizen of America to utilize the first amendment so callously, and disrespectfully as Yost did— it simply made me physically ill.

To blame an entire country for the misguided news and the false information that was circulating is uncalled for.

When an attack happens on American soil, of course there will be an outburst of news coverage with information, some of which is bound to be false. If Yost would have attacked the news corporations, rather than our country, I feel that this controversy could have been avoided.

In the very same respect, it’s just as bad for individuals to criticize another’s opinion as it is for that person to accuse an entire nation of being “ignorant and stupid.” I am not only disappointed in this article, but the rash response from a number of students.