Student stands up for America

Writing in regards to last week’s opinion article, “America’s behavior embarrasses,” I am hurt, offended and appalled at such an opinion.

Our country and the people in it did their jobs to the fullest for the first time in history. People have been attacking our country far too frequently in the past few years to think they can still get away with it.

The citizens are tired of watching their loved ones get killed for no reason at all. The response the government, media and other citizens had towards the Boston Bombing is admirable.

Terrorists will not be getting off easy in this country anymore. The government proved that this was the final straw.

Instead of being embarrassed by the over-the-top reaction to the tragedy, those who feel this way should be embarrassed by their lack of compassion for others.

Whether three individuals died or three-fourths of the country, we as a nation have the power, technology and union to fight and work in a state of urgency when it is needed, and that is exactly what went on last week. People took a stand and showed they cared.

As a citizen I am tired of not feeling safe because of shootings and bombings coming from our own citizens.

It could be worse, as in several other countries, but that does not mean one should be desensitized to the horrors of the world.

Instead, we need to fight together and do whatever we can to help heal the wounded and put a stop to these travesties.

That is what America did last week, and that is what America should represent.

Our ancestors fled their homes to come and live the American dream, a melting pot and a safe haven for those with individual beliefs who wanted to be free.

They all came here to work together and make this country and our forefathers would be heartbroken to see this country blow itself up because of a few angsty people and a country that is self-centered and inconsiderate of their suffering neighbors.

Last week, despite the bombing, I was proud to be an American.

Patriotism has been scarce for the last few years, and the people’s pull last week brought it right back to the hearts of every loving citizen out there.