Students host foam party

Mercyhurst students were invited recently to experience a foam party at The Cell Block on State Street on Thursday, May 2.

It was beach themed and planned by juniors Lauren Hansle and Airion Watkins-Clark. Students were urged to wear bikinis and shorts and have fun in the foamy mess.

“My friend approached me with an idea to let the underclassmen enjoy a dance party. It turned into a foam party since the only day we could host it was on a Thursday and wanted to add a special twist,” Watkins-Clark said.

Foam poured from the ceiling onto the dance floor of on the lower level adding a unique twist to the party.

Complications stirred when EMTA canceled its bus services for the weekend due to bad behavior by the students, but the event still received a good turn out.

The buzz started with the help of the new Twitter accounts this years and the hype quickly picked up from the students. Within days the promotional Facebook page increased in attendance.

The event was open to those 18 and older, as opposed to the usual standard requirement of 21 or older for The Cell Block.

Those 18-20 were charged $10 for the special admittance, while those 21 and older paid a reduced rate of $5.

The event was planned for Mercyhurst students, but guests were welcomed if accompanied by a Mercyhurst student.

Hansle and Watkins-Clark plan to have more parties such as this next year that underclassmen can participate in. Their goal is to have one every three weeks and to again have a party to kick-off Springfest.