This fall season features new fashions

DKNY Lookbook photos: New fashions and outfits will be brought forth this fall season.DKNY Lookbook photos: New fashions and outfits will be brought forth this fall season.

Although we got a sneak peek of the Fall/Winter collections for 2013 back in the spring, it’s time to put them to practice, as the major warehouses across the world have presented very wearable collections.

One of the major trends for this season is winter white, opposing the traditional view of white being a spring/summer. In a “more is more” statement, overflowing pieces with clean cuts in tones of white are making their way into the fall mainstream.

Another big bet by designers like Victoria Beckham is the return of basic patterns; leopard, plaid and pinstripes are ticket items for the fall, but the hottest pattern is hounds-tooth, used on collections by Rag & Bone and Thakoon.

Whether on a scarf or on more crucial pieces like pants and shoes, patterned items can take your outfit to the next level.

Color-wise, Marc Jacobs delivered one of the biggest surprises of the season: in another bold twist, shades of green are expected to boom for the fall. Stay away from the orange tones everyone is used to, as darker shades of green are a preferred item for the upcoming seasons. A personal favorite is the removal of cropped, bold pants. It’s time to take a rest from the tighter, more finessed silhouettes that spring/summer offered for this year and trade them for slouchier cuts, with trousers in basic tones providing a sleek accessory that sits right at the hips and is more fitted toward the ankles.

For the gentlemen, the bet is still on colored pants, only traded for warmer hues to adjust to the change in seasons; don’t ditch all your denim yet, however, as it’s easily pairable with some casual pants and a pair of driving shoes for an outfit that is sure to smash.

Ladies, put the “less is more” philosophy to work: refrain from stacking your jewelry and opt for a simpler look, focusing on one of the key pieces; a white blouse with colored cuff pants and knee-high boots is already a scene-stealer. Finish the look with a small handbag and a patterned scarf to get the spotlight everywhere you go.