Cadets excel in training

Recently, cadets from Mercyhurst conducted an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and a training lab.

The APFT was conducted on the Mercyhurst campus, while the training lab was at Penn State Behrend.

The APFT went extremely well, the top scores being 324 by Kevin Henry, a sophomore intelligence major, for the males and Julie Brooks, a junior intelligence major, for the females. They were the only two cadets to achieve a perfect score—300—or better.

The APFT tests the muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular respiratory fitness of soldiers in three events, which must be performed properly or they do not count.

The first event is the push up.

The standard for a soldier under 21-years-old to pass is 42 for males and 19 for females, while a perfect score is 71 for males and 42 for females.

The second event is the sit-up event. A solider under 21 years of age must complete 53 repetitions to pass and 78 for a perfect score.

The first two events must be completed in less than two minutes, and soldiers can only rest in certain approved positions.

The last event is the two-mile run. Males must complete it in under 15:54 minutes to pass and 13:00 to attain the maximum score.

Females must complete two miles in 18:54 to pass and 15:36 for the maximum score.

On Saturday, Sept. 21, cadets conducted a training lab in order to prepare all cadets, especially juniors, for Leaders’ Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), a mandatory 29 day evaluation camp between cadets junior and senior year.

Events that were conducted were day and night land navigation.

In these events, cadets practice using a compass to find locations that they have plotted on a map without aid from GPS systems.

Junior Cadet Kyle Hill thought the experience, although exhausting, was a great learning experience.

“It poured all day, but it was cool to work with new people from other schools,” Hill said.

Juniors and select sophomores also conducted Squad Tactical Exercises (STX) lanes, which are simulated combat lanes that test cadets as leaders in stressful, real life situations.

This was the first time any cadets led a STX lane, and Cadet Leanne Esford, junior, found them to be challenging because she could see what she was really capable of, especially after spending six hours beforehand in the rain.

Cadets interested in joining the “Pride of PA” ROTC Battalion should contact the military science department at ROO@Pride of or (814) 871-ROTC(7862).

There is no service obligation to participate, and anyone is welcome to participate in all events.