The cons of snapchat

Social media is invading our society. Each day people constantly check their smart phones from when they wake-up until they go back to sleep. Of course, social networks creators are making more money from millions of users joining each day. They come up with networks that soon become viral and everyone is talking about them.One in particular that has been out there since May 2012 is Snapchat. This network is based on sending what is known as “snaps.” which are pictures with texts or drawings. People have been spreading the app worldwide and are available for IOS and Android.

These networks appear to be texts with images that are not saved to the phone once they are seen they are unable to access the snap again. The only way to keep a snap is by taking a screenshot of the snap, which is announced to the other person. Even though for some people it might be beneficial and a fun way to communicate with friends and relatives, it also has its danger.

According to Huffington Post, the popular app has also become a tool used for bullying and underage sexting.Since the app is meant to send self-destructing photos and videos up to 10 seconds, people take advantage of that and send inappropriate messages. People should also be aware that even though the picture disappears and is not saved, the receiver might screenshot the picture. This keeps record of what was sent and potentially become disseminated to other people. In many cases, parents are unaware of the dangers this app might bring to their teenager’s life. Probably they are not sending any appropriate pictures, but they might receive them from other people.

Social networks bring people together both physically and virtually. The way these social networks are used is up to the user, but it is clear that there is a fine line between what is appropriate and what is not. It is our duty to know where that line stands and be careful not to cross it.