Douglass lectures on JFK anniversary

Visiting author, peace activist and Catholic theologian James Douglass will be giving a lecture based on his book “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters” Tuesday, Nov. 5. Noah’s Ark, a play inspired by Douglass’ book and written by Ginny Cunningham, will be presented on Nov. 6.

Both events take place in the Taylor Little Theatre at 7 p.m each day.

When asked what students should expect when attending the lecture Professor Chris J. Magoc, History Department Chair said, “Students can expect a thoughtful, historically well-grounded address that speaks to the history about which Douglass has researched and written so brilliantly: John Kennedy’s evolving foreign policy from 1961-63 that promised a more peaceful world had he not been assassinated.”

The play Noah’s Ark was inspired by Douglass’ award winning novel and is a dramatization of the same story of the Kennedy foreign policy that avoided the escalation of U.S. military conflict in Cuba, Berlin and Laos.

“This 50th anniversary may be the last real meaningful opportunity the nation has to probe the underlying issues of the JFK assassination. And in a time of an over-extended American military, the question of ‘what might have been,’” Magoc said.

Douglass’s interest is less in Lee Harvey Oswald, on which most commemorative events prefer to focus, and more on the motive and the history behind the assassination.

Magoc, who arranged for Douglass’s visit, shared his passion for the subject, which was why Douglass chose Mercyhurst for his lecture.

Douglass is a scholarly writer of six books and a passionate activist of peace and social justice.

The events are free and open to the public. Douglass is in the process of producing a graphic E-book adaptation of his book, which promises to be quite engaging.

Douglass will be signing copies of his book, which will be onsale at both events.