Art show debuts in Old Main

Taylor Rollins photo: “Thumbs Up”, by David Seitzinger is displayed in multiple places throughout the first floor of Old Main.Taylor Rollins photo: “Thumbs Up”, by David Seitzinger is displayed in multiple places throughout the first floor of Old Main.

Mercyhurst is holding the eighth annual “Friends of Mercyhurst” Art Show in Old Main.

Mary Gamble is the host of the show, which debuted on Nov. 2 and will continue through March.

The art that everyone sees as they walk through Old Main changes multiple times throughout the school year.

The art shows bring in students of all ages from the Erie area as well as community members.

The show features many types of artwork from oils to installations. It also features local and famous artists with all levels of experience.

Many students can recall the large duck that was showcased in front of Old Main last year and can now relate the large installation piece to the archway in front of the west entrance of Old Main.

The garden arch is a multi-ton piece made of metal, created by Evan Everhart.

The arch will remain in front of Old Main until the conclusion of the art show.

Other art pieces may look familiar, such as the multi-color screen prints on the east end of Old Main towards the Admissions Office. This piece was created by Andy Warhol.

Another striking piece that has caught everyone’s attention is the wedding dress piece titled “Cherished.”

It was created by multiple artists, including Deborah Sementelli, Jonilee Monola Hlusko, Janel Potratz Levin and Jay Scalise.

The dresses are from the Lillian Zimmerly collection. The art pieces displayed with the dresses were inspired by the details on the dresses and the rest of the piece is adorned with a Victorian pump organ, and dried flowers.

Some students have described the wedding dress piece as creepy, some say it is elegant and some say it is interesting.

“Noodles and Hoops” by David Seitzinger is hanging in multiple places through Old Main’s main hallway.

This piece has also received very different responses from students. Some say it is weird and does not fit but others say it brings more color and life to Old Main.

Many pieces showcased in the art show were donated to Mercyhurst and will be kept in our permanent art collection.

The donated art pieces will be showcased throughout the year and years to follow in various places around campus.