Ice Center upgrades sound system and scoreboards

The Mercyhurst Ice Center, home to the Division I men’s and women’s ice hockey teams as well as various community teams will be getting an upgrade.

Partnering with Great Lakes Insurance and Erie Insurance has provided a budget of $150,000 for a new scoreboard as well as an updated sound system.

“We’re thrilled about enhancing the image of our facility, our hockey programs and the institution,” said Senior Associate Athletic Director Aaron Kemp.

There is a powerful connection between Mercyhurst and the overall community as shown by the partnership of the school with the two local companies.

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with these two fine organizations and for their support of Mercyhurst, our hockey programs, and the community members who use our facility,” said Kemp.

The players and fans alike are eager for the new sound system.

When the music starts playing between the plays, depending on the game, spectators will either be dead silent allowing the music to focus the players or excitedly singing along.

Student hockey fans say that the scoreboard and sound system will add increased excitement and energy to the upcoming games.

It is known that music helps organize the brain; the new sound system could prove to be useful for more than just entertainment.

The sounds in and around a hockey game can cause stress but music can act as a point of focus for the players as they set up.

The updates to the Mercyhurst Ice Center are another example of Mercyhurst University adapting to the changing society and technology while remaining true to its heritage.