Local driver crashes into apartment wall

The first acident of the winter season has accured! On tuesday around 2 o’clock a local driver avoided a trafic jam outside the Hurst Gates by driving off road into Lewis Avenue Apartments. thankfully no students were injured.
According to the police report “the driver was an older women who was driving from the CVS down E 38 Street,” said police department cheif Jeff Darroll, ” she trid turning onto Wayne Street, when she saw oncomming traffic aproaching she sped up. she drove onto the grass and into the building.” when asked about the condition of the driver he said ” she wasn’t drinking, however she is being rushed to the hospital.”
Lucky the appartment that was hit was unocupied this term. Ken Stephenson, the General manager of Facilties was asked about a statement on the damages, he said “about a foot and a half of the car was inside the building. thankfully this appartment was vacent.”
the collishion took out the window and atlease a foot more of wall. the surounding structure that hasn’t caved in is luckly holding up for the time. while it is unsure if the appartment will be fixed beofre spring term, it looks like the rest of the building is intact. As for the driver, we wish her a speedy recovery.