Women’s basketball preparing for final tilt before Christmas

Although the Mercyhurst women’s basketball team has started their season so far with a record of 1-4, their focus is on the next few games to get some big wins before the Christmas break.

The women are also concentrating on their goals for the season that they think cane prove a lot for themselves despite the young age of the team.

“Our team is trying to compete with every team we play this year. Our conference is one of the best in the country, so every day our goal is to prove that even though we are young, we can still compete with every team,” said sophomore Adrienne Kloecker.

With the team being as young as they are after losing several seniors last season, they will have to play a big role in helping the team win big games just as much as any other class. It’s important for the Lakers that the newcomers can mesh well with the team chemistry. “I love the freshman class. They are fitting in very well … everyone gets along. When you have teammates that truly enjoy being around it makes the game so much more fun and the freshman class have definitely contributed to that,” Kloecker said.

“We are focusing on defense to prepare for the next couple games. We are now going into league games and this is when we need to step it up on the defensive end,” added Kloecker. A strong defense can help maintain confidence within the team and also contribute to an equal offensive play. With how fast the game of basketball is, playing tough in the defensive end can send quick momentum heading the other way.

The Lakers’ next match-up is against California University (Pa) on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at home at the MAC. This leaves five important league games in the hands of the ladies and can give them a good boost heading into January.