'Aida' a story of eternal passion

The second opera of the Metropolitan Simulcast season was shown on Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center (PAC).

The opera shown was Sonja Frisell’s 20-year-old production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida.”

“Aida” is an epic tale involving a love story between the Pharaoh’s daughter Amneris, the Egyptian commanding officer and war hero Radames, and the slave girl Aida, who is secretly the princess of Ethiopia.

Both Aida and Amneris are in love with Radames, but he only loves Aida.

Throughout the opera Radames fulfills his dream of becoming a war hero by capturing the Ethiopian king, Aida’s father.

Upon finding this out, Radames commits treason by giving Aida Egyptian battle plans.

Radames is punished by the high Egyptian priests for treason and sentenced to be buried alive.

When alone in the tomb, Radames finds that Aida had snuck in upon hearing word of his punishment. The two die together, spending eternity in the embrace of true love.

The Metropolitan Opera was not disappointing.

With its well-known elaborate productions, only the best singers, best costumes and the most intriguing sets possible are used.

As an audience member, it felt like I was transported to ancient Egypt.

My favorite scene was the Egyptians’ celebration when Radames returned from battle.

There were larger than life statues, multi-leveled stages, a breath-taking ballet number and even live animals on stage.

Opera holds so much passion in each performance and “Aida” was an artful masterpiece that was no exception.

Freshman dance major Giulia Parli enjoyed the dance, and said, “I loved it, the ballet was refreshing.”

Sophomore music performance major Marie Karbacka was stunned by the great voices. “In the last act Amneris’ final aria really amazed me,” she said.

The special magic contained in opera is different for every audience member; each is excited about something different, and everyone has a higher appreciation for the arts because of it.

The next Metropolitan Opera Simulcast will be Puccini’s opera “Turandot,” on Saturday, Nov. 14th at 1 p.m. in the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center.