‘Concealed I Reveal’ opens in Cummings Art Gallery

It’s that time again when you will start noticing a new art exhibit in Cummings Art Gallery located in the lobby of the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center.

Jodi Staniunas-Hopper, assistant professor in the art department, is putting together a piece of 50 Luchador masks and other costumes wear made out of old wedding dresses.

Art is an ongoing, continuous project just as dance and music is. Staniunas-Hopper has been working on this project for over 18 months after receiving a research grant for this particular show.

As said before, this exhibit is primarily made out of old wedding dresses. The purpose of this piece is to “alert women that ‘games’ we play with our identity and the illusions that are perpetuated by the princess mythology exemplified by the wedding gown attire,” said Staniunas-Hopper. This was her inspiration.

The masks and costumes that are made out of the wedding dresses are then worn by models and photographed. Staniunas-Hopper decided to leave the photos without being retouched and edited to exemplify the ideal role of women versus the real women.
This piece is very much about the roles that women play. Staniunas-Hopper would like those who visit to reflect on when they wear masks in their own lives.

What’s so great about this exhibit is that it is so elegant and pretty, yet so meaningful. There is a strong message that Staniunas-Hopper gets across to the viewers.

Opening night for Concealed I Reveal is Thursday, Feb. 20. Starting at 6 p.m. in Zurn Room 114 with an artist talk lead by Staniunas-Hopper. From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. visitors can see and experience the exhibit first hand.

The artist talk will include an in-depth talk with Staniunas-Hopper about the process, her inspiration, and any other questions visitors may have. She encourages all to come.

During the opening, those who visit have the chance to get their picture taken with the masks. This opportunity gives the viewers a chance to interact with the art piece while developing their own sense of meaning of the art piece.

Staniunas-Hopper would like to give special thanks to all of those involved in the process of this piece including the art department former chairperson, Dan Burke, her assistant, Ashley Favata, her workstudies, volunteers, models and the dress donors.