Campus Ministry organizes second Carpe Diem retreat

The basis for any retreat is simple: find yourself. But, if you cannot find yourself (yet), then find something, anything, but make sure your discovery is meaningful—make sure it has a purpose.

Carpe Diem II (named for its second year at Mercyhurst) is the place to find your purpose or whatever you are searching for during your four years at Mercyhurst.

If you want to spend a weekend away from campus, technology and the raging thoughts in your exhausted brains, then CDII is the weekend getaway for you.

You live once. You get one chance to do everything you ever wanted to do. You have the resources and abilities to do anything and everything.

The Carpe Diem Retreat is your way to take the first step to achieving those dreams written on your bucket list.

The reason you should apply to attend CDII is the same reason I chose to attend Carpe Diem I: for yourself.

Take the opportunity to step back from reality and social media.

Get outside and breathe in the fresh air that keeps you alive and will continue to keep you alive throughout your life. We take for granted the little things (particularly breathing), and therefore, we should take three days to be thankful for them.

Plus, we never cease to let you go hungry or be deprived of good music.

Despite CDII’s short time at Mercyhurst, we are slowly becoming notorious for our love of food and good music.

If, however, you choose not to apply for this amazing three-day weekend getaway, know that someone is rooting for you, that I am rooting for you.

You have a purpose. And if, by chance, you do now know what that purpose is, then take that leap of faith and apply for CDII.

You never know what you will discover under all that unnecessary stuff clogging up your brain.

Anyone interested in this opportunity (and have an interest in skydiving and/or taking that literal leap of faith), stop by the Campus Ministry office in the Carolyn Herrmann Student Union or call (814) 824-2429.