Robocop: A new era

Based on the mid 1990’s TV show Robocop, now being reintroduced in his own origin movie. This film is great for the superhero and sci fi fans.

However this movie is not far off from another robotic icon, Iron Man.

Returning from 20 years ago, Robocop makes his way back to the scene in a new movie.

Given a rating of 55 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, however (my personal opinion) this is an overstatement.

The first half of the film takes you on a ride that leaves you wanting more, sadly that second half starts to get a little stale.

Fight scenes including Robocop taking out his murderer in a dark warehouse and hiding under giant robots for cover during an assault while taking on heavy damage gives the film a cheap sequence for high priced special effects.

The film’s storyline is nearly identical to Marvel’s Iron Man, but it isn’t as successful.

Almost every event from Iron Man, from his injuries, his revenge on those who damaged him, and finally his fight against the main villain, is re-created and altered in Robocop.

The only originality in this film is the plot was written in the Robocop Universe.

My opinion: wait till Netflix. Unless your weekend is wide open and want to waste seven bucks on this film.

There’s a chance your mind will leave the theater before you physically do. My rating is 30 out of 100.